Stump Monster is a specialist tree stump grinding division of Gloaming Tree Surgery. We cover Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Worksop, Bawtry & Tickhill as well as the whole of Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. At Stump Monster we grind your unwanted tree stumps to well below the ground using our stump grinding machine. We have specialised powerful narrow access machines to tackle any sized stump. 


How do we do it?


Stump Grinders are powerful machines that mechanically grind out the main root plate, turning it into harmless sawdust and fine wood chip which can either be disposed of as mulch, or even used to re-fill the hole. The area can then be grassed or developed as you wish.


Smaller stump grinding machines can be hired, but they tend to be less powerful and less effective. They can also be extremely hazardous to inexperienced or untrained operators!

Efficient and safe stump grinding requires a skilled operator using specialist techniques combined with the relevant safety equipment. Here at Stump Monster we are skilled, trained and insured using the very best machinery.



We can usually provide a quotation over the phone, via email, text message or by filling in the quotation form below. To be able to price your stump removal accurately we need to know the following;

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